VulcanVerse — Who’s doing what?


A look into the VulcanVerse team thus far, from writers to gaming companies.

VulcanVerse is without doubt one the biggest projects coming to blockchain. Bridging the gaps between professional writers, game companies and decentralized ownership, VulcanVerse will reshape the virtual world paradigm. So, it makes sense that our team is large. Let’s delve into who is doing what.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is the most established NFT ecosystem on VeChainThor. Vulcan Forged powers NFTs and dApps from battling baby cards, ninjas, digital art, copyright leasing and Telegram bot games, has an NFT marketplace, and is now turning their attention to this decentralized and virtual world consisting of 10,000 land NFTs. Vulcan will be releasing two new products this month: STAMP, a copyright/proof of authorship engine, and ANVIL, a no-crypto-no-gas front-end to create NFT games, dapps and collections by allocating your own attributes and images.



Fighting Fantasy

Last year, Vulcan revealed that Way of the Tiger, an award-winning game book series, would be recreated into a blockchain-based Card Arena game. This was a partnership that has provided even more fruitful. While the game team of Fabled Lands LLC continue to develop the game, author Jamie Thomson and other writers of the similar ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ books have joined VulcanVerse in order to provide its backstory, lore, chapters and concept development. It has since been revealed, that Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson will be writing a three book trilogy based on the origins of VulcanVerse. You can read a lot more about this partnership here.


3D Modelling and Game Integration

Spark Labs

Spark Labs is the UK’s leading provider in Virtual Reality, CGI and Augmented Reality. The CEO is an avid fan of the above authors’ work so they were extremely keen to get on board. Technically (as the world is constructed in Unity3D), this is child’s play for them. That means the world’s tools and functionality will be pushed to maximum limits. They have worked with enormous companies in the space including Ford, Lamborghini, Airbus and Samsung.


Game UI and Sandboxes


ServReality is a cutting edge imaginative production house with a team consisting of 100+ professional technicians specializing in mixed reality and artificial intelligence applications. Again, we have chosen to recruit teams where their technical skills are above what’s required. Not only does this mean those implementing the world are highly skilled, but it allows the option for more novel technology such as VR and AR in future builds.


Character Modelling and Animation

Savage Labs and Horos Interactive

We are again blessed to have another insanely skilled team, this time with 3D character modelers. Jimi-X is well known amongst the VeChain community for his models of the VeChain team. Jimi-X and his team did the entire character development for their latest release on Steam, called S.C.A.R. Jimi-X and his entire team will be working with us full-time on the more fantasy oriented assets and of course, the Vulcanites!


Marketing and Promotion


VeChain101 is a community website dedicated to sharing news, opinions, interviews, media, and other content from around the VeChain ecosystem. Their objective is to foster an objective and vibrant community of developers, projects, and users. With experience in marketing, business, PR, web design, and content creation, the team is able to give VulcanVerse educational and informative fan content while bridging the gap between the core development teams, the community, and more mainstream media.


In-game Exchange