VulcanVerse — Ten Boss Things You Can Do

A look at the more alternative yet awesome things you can do in our virtual world.

OK, so we all know you can own land, level it, sell it, build it with AAA style graphics, fight and roam with 3D creatures, follow lore written by titan fantasy authors, but let’s not leave it there. Here’s a look at some of the more alternative yet cool things you can do in VulcanVerse.

1. Make Money

Yup. Earning $$ isn’t hard in VulcanVerse. In fact there are several ways to do it, you just have to use your imagination. Here are some examples:

  • Trade — Using the Vulcan marketplace you are free to speculate, buy and sell NFTs, including Vulcanites, building assets, and other playable assets.
  • Land Flip — We know there will be a few looking to buy land as an investment. We all know land next to monuments, roads and the central city sell for silly money in some other worlds. So grab some premium land, level it up and stick it in the marketplace if you want!
  • Forage — one skill of Vulcanites is their ability to forage. The higher the skill and level, the higher their range and accuracy to find our hidden money and NFT pits.
  • Design- we allow users to design and sell building assets and tools in our marketplace. Use blender, submit your work, and hope the VulcanDAO allows it.
  • Embed a shop or charge visitation — one of the unique features of VulcanVerse is that you can fine tune and embed our templated smart contracts, including sales and land visitation charges (conditions apply which we’ll reveal later).


2. Embed your own economics

Want to set up a Vulcanite energy stand? Sell building assets? Pass on some information at a price? Share wisdom and set up a meditation field? We have several pre-written smart contracts for land owners (of a certain level) to embed in their land allowing them to charge for various items of services. Simply swap in the product and price you’ll charge and you could easily be giving coding advice over your microphone, designing art for people on Veriarti, or many other possible uses. In fact, the options are as limitless as the real world. Competitive shops and services may indeed drive the price down and quality up.


3. Vote on VulcanVerse additions and issues

A DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation. And VulcanVerse will need one. One question we get is what if a plot is deliberately NSFW, or disruptive to the game? Well as land is an NFT we can never remove it from the world, but we can certainly blank it out on the front end. But a decision like that isn’t something we can make by ourselves. Or what if we are unsure about a gaming element coming in that will be quite disruptive? We want to make sure the world is happy with it. How do we do this? We have a Vulcan Committee vote protocol. Similar to VeVote on VeChain, the more land and higher level land you have, the higher weight your vote will be. If the proposal passes, we act on it. A minimum number of users must bring a vote to the Vulcan Committee in Vulcan City for it to be put to the world to vote on.


4. 24/7 Entertainment and Radio Tower

You didn’t think VeChain101 would be involved and not sponsor a radio tower right? And not only is this a radio tower, it will be on 24/7 with rotating DJs. Accessible from select parts around the VulcanVerse, we will have an exclusive Vulcan Radio station playing 24/7 and will be opening applications for those wanting to stream. We have already confirmed some big names.


5. Visit and interact with Vulcan’s Landmarks

As you know, Vulcan does not want a completely empty land. The land is divided into four quadrants. But the map starts with several landmarks and elements embedded. Not only will these be masterful creations built by our partners Spark Labs, the leading UK VR firm, but they will have future interactivity involving gameplay and other functionality, allowing us to transition into an MMO much easier. They will be magnificent creations to simply visit and we’ll not hold any punches in their designs.


6. Fly

Vulcanites are creatures. Creatures are fast. They are also mountable. Riding your Wolf to Vulcan City is cool. But flying there? Yup, you can. Remember:

7. Monster Picnic and Chat

Vulcanites will initially have five settings: Attack, Defend, Spy, Forage and Follow. While we’ll go into three of those next, one of the underrated settings is ‘Follow’. With your Centaur on one side, a Griffin on the other, you can venture to the Woodlands of Ambrosia and meet up with users with their own creatures next to them. And as we have voice chat enabled (if you wish), you can literally gather a group of your friends to a landmark and chat while your Cyclops and their Orc chill out by a tree.


8. Vulcanite Beserk Day

At a certain scheduled time, the God Vulcan gets tired of watching mortals fumble around with their building tools. Thus, he orders a berserk day. These will be announced beforehand and involve all Vulcanites set to attack mode. They shall charge at one another until the last Vulanite(s) standing shall reap glory and rewards for their quadrant.

9. Brand your Character


We have an incredible powerful avatar/character builder based in. Originally we were going to include each clothing as an NFT, but have decided against it, allowing far quicker and more access to an innumerable amount of clothing, body shapes, accessories and weapons.

And best of all, you’re free to brand it how you like:


When VulcanVerse first opens at the end of the year, initial gameplay will be through the Vulcanites. They can be set to attack, defend, spy or forage.

If your Vulcanite is set to attack and meets another Vulcanite from a different quadrant also set to attack, they will do battle. If they are set to spy then they will stray to a neighboring land and steal building tool abilities, if they are set to defend then they will stop other Vulcanites from doing the same to their land.

If they are sent to forage, then they will roam the land uncovering cash and NFTs.

Remember, the level of these abilities depends on the level of your land and Vulcanites.