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VulcanVerse Land Sale Guide

With the X-Node land sale rapidly approaching (September 30th (4pm UTC)), please follow the steps below to buy your plots of land:

Step 1: Visit the official land sale URL (The link will be announced on September 30th at 4pm UTC, via the Vulcan Forged Telegram channel, Vulcan Forged official announcement channel and VulcanVerse Twitter account – in that order)
Step 2: Log in by submitting your VET wallet address (land NFTs will be sent to this address). DO NOT use an exchange address, as they will be unable to receive NFTs. The wallet should be your own, created using the VeChain Mobile Wallet or VeChain Sync. Download link: `{`SUPPORTED WALLETS`}`. For X-NODE SALE participants, submit your registered VET address.
Step 3: Zoom into the map and double-click the parcel/s you want to buy. IMPORTANT: Make sure you select only the correct parcel/s as you won’t be able to deselect them. This is to avoid people squatting on land by quickly selecting multiple parcels and then deciding on the ones they actually want</p> <p>Blue denotes plots select by YOU<br /> Red denotes plots already selected by OTHERS
Blue denotes plots select by YOU
Red denotes plots already selected by OTHERS
Step 4: Click “Finish“
Step 5: A “Transaction” pop up will appear with your order details. You will have 30 minutes to follow the instructions, transfer the funds in VET, VTHO, USDT or PayPal and fill the required information. Click “Save Changes” to complete the checkout process. Land NFTs will be sent within 4 days to your associated VET address.

* To receive your NFTs earlier and avoid any unexpected delays or complications, we highly recommend making transfers in VET from the address you registered with*

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