VulcanVerse: 10 Essential Things to Know

A Brief overview of what to expect with VulcanVerse and the next few weeks

Sample building blocks for the Land of Arcadia

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Note 2: All images in this medium are available to use in VulcanVerse as assets provided by our partners.

1. This is quite simply, big. Very Big.

The Four Quadrants of VulcanVerse

And we’re not just talking about initial world size. That will of course also be big (2km by 2km, with one square representing 1 meter) divided into four quadrants:

Land of Hades — The Underworld

Land of Arcadia — The Grasslands

Land of Ourea — The Mountains

Land of Notus — The Deserts

However, regarding the team and scope of this project, we are not holding any punches. We have five separate teams working on different elements on VulcanVerse for 3D terrain/assets, gameplay/interactivity, creature modeling/interactivity, blockchain integration and marketing. All five of these teams will be revealed but their clients and work experience includes Ford, Lego, Deloitte, Nissan, Samsung, Google VR, Steam, Eidos and Lamborghini. This is quite simply not an ‘own land and stand on it’, we are combining the right balance between a virtual world and interactivity. If World of Warcraft, Second Life and Decentraland had a finely tuned child, this would be it.


2. Lore

10 Essential Things to Know
Level 4- Grasslands

A land without history, characters, background and stories is like a lake without water: empty and dry! That’s why we have enlisted some of the biggest names in fantasy and choose-your-own-adventure books. VulcanVerse is not just a world but an immersive world of fantasy where every element, piece of land and Vulcanite has its own piece of lore attached. We have written in length about who will be writing the lore for VulcanVerse here.


3. No crypto-cryptocurrency token

10 Essential Things to Know about Vulcanverse
Underworld — Level 2

This is a decentralized land, meaning land is owned as tokens (called NFTs) on the blockchain giving unique and true ownership. The blockchain infrastructure we are using (VeChain) has an incredible protocol called ‘fee delegation’ that allows users to send transactions without personally paying the gas fees. What this means is that all blockchain trading and smart contract operations will be sponsored our end to give users the best gameplay experience possible. And for those who wish to ‘Sacrifice to the Vulcan Gods’, which is in effect leveling up their land by burning VTHO, they can do so in fiat currency while blockchain operations are taken care of our end.


4. No laggy web access, but a full standalone application

All you need to know about Vulcanverse
Grasslands — Terrain

Thanks to the recent release of VeChain’s C# SDK, it means we can move this world out of the web browser and into a standalone application. That means all the limitations that using a game or something as powerful as a virtual world within your browser is completely removed. It now gives our gaming and 3D partners full access to their potential. Our partners are creating stunning graphics and audio. Our blockchain wallet will be embedded in the downloadable build, giving users a better overall gaming experience.


5. Gaming

Deserts — Level 1

As we have the luxury of making VulcanVerse a standalone application, we also have the benefit of adding as much gameplay as we want. This will be revealed in detail, but note that we have had to find the right balance between the novelty of being able to own your land, build on it but also bring in some fun for users. We have done this in several ways. Firstly, any global gameplay will be centered around providing benefits for your own land and not affecting others. What we didn’t want to do is go fully down the gaming rabbit hole so users who want to simply own, build and interact are forced to be affected by others. So example global gaming functions will be letting your Vulcanites roam the world for materials, or NFT treasures, or combining materials and elements to give you new assets.

That said, we are certainly allocating parts of the world to specific games. One such activity, which we have tentatively dubbed Vulcanite Frenzy, will run at a set date each week and feature all Vulcanites charging at each other to win prizes for their respective land owners.


6. Vulcanites

Vulcanites are 3D NFT models connected to their 2D card used in the separate Vulcanite dApp. They are being created by a separate gaming company who build 3D models and games for Steam. They can be used within the Universe, but also within a stand-alone dApp. Each Vulcanite has abilities that can be upgraded in the Vulcanites game dApp. However, they are also your companions in VulcanVerse and are able to go on foraging missions to collect materials for your land or try and find NFT treasures. Depending on the land you own and its level, you gain access to different kinds of Vulcanites. For example, certain Vulcanites will only be available to land owners in specific regions who have nurtured their land to higher levels.


7. Land Levels and Sacrificing VTHO

Everyone who owns land is entitled to tools, assets and basic functions relative to the land they’ve chosen. However, if they wish to move up the “Seven Tiers to the new Olympus”, they must make a sacrifice to the Vulcan Gods. This is done with VTHO (the gas of VeChain Thor). It involves an initial cost and then very small monthly upkeep costs. The VTHO is burned and keeps the land functioning and alive.

As your land moves up the levels, you are entitled to more assets, terrains, elements and access to level specific Vulcanites and NFTs. You are also allowed to embed more functionality into your land: your own game or a pre-build Smart Contract for example.


8. Open market

Of course we will not limit users to our own elements. There are certain terrains and assets that are fixed to each level. However, we encourage users to not only trade land on the marketplace but DESIGNERS to create 3D NFTs and assets. They will receive 50% of the sales they make of their work in the marketplace. Naturally they will have to be verified and fit with the theme of land they are selling for but we want to encourage all to be able to sell their creations.


9. Pre-built interactivity and smart contracts

There are two things we have learned from other virtual worlds. Firstly, users are lazy! Second of all, users are mostly not developers. Thus, we will have many pre-built elements and interactivity functions for users to implement at the click of a button. These include pre-made structures, building, paths, clumps of foilage, and in terms of functionality (and this is where we’ll really stand out), we’ll be allowing users to embed prewritten smart contracts into their land. For example, if you have some incredible work on your land you want to show off, or have an embedded shop, and want to charge users to enter it, then you simply embed that pre-written ‘entry-fee contract’ into your land.


10. Community Partners and X-Node benefits