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Thunder of the High Steppes

Mammoths vulcanites have roamed the High Steppes of Boreas for aeons, hunted and herded by the Amazon tribes that dwell there. Every mammoth herd has its leader and Thunder is one of the greatest of them all. Never subdued, never corralled or tamed, Thunder has a tally of over a hundred warrior women trampled or gored to death. He has a hundred notches on his tusks as a grisly record, inscribed there by mountain dryads.

Vulcanites are your companions in this gaming world

Venomtail of the Dunes of Doom

There dwell in the desert terrible monsters. Some of the most terrible are the Giant Scorpion vulcanites. They nest in the shifting sands, sensitive to the slightest vibration as of passing prey, ready to burst forth and pursue relentlessly, their many legs giving them a terrifying speed. They leap upon their victims, embracing them in their pincers before paralysing them with their deadly stings – what the locals wryly call the ‘Kiss of the Scorpion’.  The hapless, terrified victims, unable to move, but still alive, their hearts filled with utter horror and dread are dragged down into their sandy dens where they are slowly devoured alive…

Vulcanites are your companions

Trapjaw of the Crypts of Darkness

Trapjaw is a terrible demonic creature of Hades who has grown in strength and power by feeding on the lost souls of that wander aimlessly across the Plains of Howling Darkness. With the King of that land entombed in sleep, Trapjaw is unfettered by the old laws of the underworld, wreaking havoc and horror all around him until the day that order is once again restored to Hades. Trapjaw likes to conceal himself in shadowed crypts and gloom-laden tombs, ready to pounce upon any unfortunate souls who draw too near.

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Alpha of the Deep Forest

In the depths of the Deep Forest dwell the wolves. King Lycaon rules these shrouded woodlands, under him his princely wolven sons do his bidding, commanding in turn the Dread Pack leaders, each a mighty wolf-lord in his own right. The mightiest of them all is Alpha, supreme hunter, devourer of dryads, slayer of satyrs, bane of men and centaurs. He loves the taste of freshly killed meat, particularly the centaurs, half man, half horse. Fear him, mortals, fear him!

Vulcanites will help you forage for treasures

Medusa of the House of Death

There are three sisters, the Gorgonae, with snakes for hair, tusks for teeth and murderous intent in their hearts, and they have come to dwell in the VulcanVerse. Scattered across the dismal plains of Hades are small tombs and mausoleums, known as the Houses of the Dead.  There is one particular House it would be wise to avoid – for it is the home of one of the Gorgon sisters, Medusa, whose gaze is death.  Any living things that look into her eyes are turned to stone in an instant. Her terraced gardens are littered with statues of uncanny similitude…

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