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Asterion, Master of Minotaurs

The minotaurs have thrived in Boreas, burrowing deep into the bowels of the mountain roots, creating maze like cities teeming with minotaurs. Now their numbers have dwindled and only a few survive but the greatest of them, Asterion, lives on. He still commands many a mighty Minotaur that can tear mortal men limb from limb. Well, assuming they’ve forgotten to bring their axes, that is.

Aelio, Storm-swift Queen of the Harpies

Once there were many Harpie’s Nests in the Boread Mountains but now only a few remain. Nevertheless, they are still a power in the land, and Aelio is still their Queen, for she is the most powerful of them. As ever she seeks to destroy the Hippogriffs and the Cyclopes so that only she rules the mountain tops. She daubs nest-filth on her claws in battle, so that the slicing wounds she inflicts on her victims bleed incessantly, causing a slow death. Then she can feed
on their eyes…

Tomyios, Kobolos of the Sink hole

The Koboloi – sprite like humanoids – were companions to Dionysus, the God of wine, and they like nothing more than a good drink up, and Jimis is no exception. They are also impudent, crude, idle, thieving and mischievous. And Jimis is no exception to that either! He dwells near the Great Sinkhole which he uses as a cover for his thieving. ‘Silly human! Of course I didn’t steal your lunch – are you sure you it hasn’t fallen into the Great Sink?’

Kopis of the High Steppes

This beast is no ordinary Sabre-tooth. No, he is one of the greatest, most powerful ever to prowl the steppes, a predator King, and endowed with a preternatural intelligence. The Amazons have managed to tame some Sabre-tooths – well, after a fashion – and ride them into battle. The fact that the Sabre-tooths turn on their mistresses from time to time, impale them on their spear-like canines and eat them whilst they thrash about in agonised horror is deemed a price worth paying for their terrifying worth in battle.

Trapjaw of the Crypts of Darkness

Trapjaw is a terrible demonic creature of Hades who has grown in strength and power by feeding on the lost souls of that wander aimlessly across the Plains of Howling Darkness. With the King of that land entombed in sleep, Trapjaw is unfettered by the old laws of the underworld, wreaking havoc and horror all around him until the day that order is once again restored to Hades. Trapjaw likes to conceal himself in shadowed crypts and gloom-laden tombs, ready to pounce upon any unfortunate souls who draw too near.

Medusa of the House of Death

There are three sisters, the Gorgonae, with snakes for hair, tusks for teeth and murderous intent in their hearts, and they have come to dwell in the VulcanVerse. Scattered across the dismal plains of Hades are small tombs and mausoleums, known as the Houses of the Dead. There is one particular House it would be wise to avoid – for it is the home of one of the Gorgon sisters, Medusa, whose gaze is death. Any living things that look into her eyes are turned to stone in an instant. Her terraced gardens are littered with statues of uncanny similitude…

Wolfshadow, He who howls in darkness

Wolfshadow is one of many undead counterparts to the wolves of the forests of Arcadia. He is the greatest of the children of Cerberus, the three headed hound of Hades. Wolfshadow can be found prowling the plains of Hades. He is feared for his love of mortal flesh – though is better known for devouring lost souls and having a howl that, if heard, signifies your doom.

Blubberjaw of the Flames of Hell

The river Phlegethon, a river of roiling fire, surrounds the judgement hall of Hades where unworthy souls are sentenced to an eternity of torture in the bowels of Tartarus. Many of the gluttons and the greedy – those grown fat on the suffering of others – are cast into that river of fire, for fat burns ever hot in Hades! And so it was that the terrible demon Blubberjaw was born out of those Flames of Hell, nourished by the corpulent corpses of the damned. Now he is inexorably driven to consume the fat, buttery flesh of the greedy in his fiery belly.

Venomtail of the Dunes of Doom

There dwell in the desert terrible monsters. Some of the most terrible are the Giant Scorpion vulcanites. They nest in the shifting sands, sensitive to the slightest vibration as of passing prey, ready to burst forth and pursue relentlessly, their many legs giving them a terrifying speed. They leap upon their victims, embracing them in their pincers before paralysing them with their deadly stings – what the locals wryly call the ‘Kiss of the Scorpion’. The hapless, terrified victims, unable to move, but still alive, their hearts filled with utter horror and dread are dragged down into their sandy dens where they are slowly devoured alive…

The Nemean Lion of the Desert

The legendary Nemean Lion has moved to the deserts of Notus where it prowls the outskirts of the city of Iskandria, hunting for human prey. Its fur is golden and so thick that no mortal blade can pierce it. Its claws are like tempered steel, and can rip armour to shreds, let alone mortal flesh. Traveller, beware the Nemean Lion!

Chthonius of They who Despoil

Born of the teeth of Dragons, the Spartoi have grown in numbers over the years like the plague. They have formed into bands of the undead – desecraters, despoilers and drinkers of mortal blood. These bands are commanded by Dread Lords, especially powerful undead warriors who lead them in battle. Chthonius is one such Dread Lord, Captain of ‘They who Despoil’. The Spartoi give strange names to their bands, like ‘The Ones who Drink’, ‘Those that Lay the Land to Waste’, ‘They who Bring Death’, and so on. None know why. It is only because the Spartoi fight amongst themselves as much as against mortal men that they have not conquered much of Notus.

Syna the Spiderling, Spawn of Arachne

Arachne dared to claim to be the greater weaver than the Goddess Athena. For her hubris, Athena cursed her into the form of a spider. Since then, Arachne has spawned many children – her Spiderlings. These half woman, half spider creatures have taken up residence in the deserts of Notus. They lie in wait, and ambush their prey with a sudden strike. Their favourite meal is man. Young man. They bind them up in unbreakable bonds of spider silk to await their pleasure at their leisure. It is said that the venom of the Spiderling fills its victims with a terrible delight, rendering them paralysed with paroxysms of pleasure. Even as they are eaten alive, they are filled with a dreadful joy. O man, beware the kiss of Syna the Spiderling!

Numatox, Cockatrice of the Desert

In the Western edges of the Desert of Notus, in a part of the desert now called ‘The Land from which No-one Returns’ there dwell cockatrices, whose touch is poison and whose breath is death. The breath of the cockatrice withers the very grass itself, even its gaze is poison. A spear, thrust into it, must not be touched again, for the poison spreads up the old wood of the shaft like venomous sap. Yet their blood is said to cure all ills, so it is that desperate men and women will sometimes seek them out. Numatox is the most feared of that awful breed.

Soter, Lord of the Woodland Herd

The wolves of he Deep Forests have hunted the deer of the Arcadian Woodlands for aeons. But when the Wolf Lord Lykaon became King of the Forest he taught them new ways to hunt and kill the deer, even unto extinction. So Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, stepped in and imbued a mighty Stag with Soter, a spirit of safety and preservation. So it was that Soter, Lord of the Woodland Herds came to be. Under his protection, the deer have recovered, although he cannot save them all. However, those taken by the children of Lykaon are small in number these days.

Velosina of the Sacred Stables

The Centaurs one rode free across the grasslands of
Arcadia, but now few remain. One such is Velosina, a Centaur noble as adept with the flute as she is with the bow. Velosina plays at weddings, festivals, and feasts but celebrations these days are few and far between in old Arcadia. She is also skilled in the crafting of musical instruments – just don’t ask her what she makes them

Alpha of the Deep Forest

In the depths of the Deep Forest dwell the wolves. King Lycaon rules these shrouded woodlands, under him his princely wolven sons do his bidding, commanding in turn the Dread Pack leaders, each a mighty wolf-lord in his own right. The mightiest of them all is Alpha, supreme hunter, devourer of dryads, slayer of satyrs, bane of men and centaurs. He loves the taste of freshly killed meat, particularly the centaurs, half man, half horse. Fear him, mortals, fear him!

Phearei, Dryad of the Woodland Glades

Do not think that the Dryads are mere harmless spirits of the woodland for many a mortal has fallen into dreams ‘neath the cradling boughs of a great tree, never to wake again. Or
to wake enchanted, filled with a hopeless, all consuming love for the dryad of the tree, cursed forever to serve her until the sweet release of death that comes to all mortals.
Phearei is one of the oldest dryads in Arcadia and is said to have had over fifty mortal love slaves. So far….

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