The Landsale

All you need to know

With the Vulcan Gods watching on impatiently, the VulcanVerse is moving closer to the next phase of development: The Land Sale. The VulcanVerse is a large gaming world broken into 400m² plots that can not only be built upon, but can also give users access to other gaming features. The land pieces are all non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, which means that once sold, the pieces will always belong to the user unless they are transferred or sold to someone else.

The land will be broken into four quadrants: the underworld, the desert, the grasslands, and the mountains. Each quadrant will have it’s respective lore and in-game benefits that unlock new building and gaming possibilities.


Land Parcels for sale: 10,000

Parcel Size: 20m x 20m (400m²)

X-Node Sale:
September 30th (4pm UTC) through October 1st (4PM UTC) *(Limit 20 parcels per address)
Open Sale:
October 1st (4PM UTC) – October 4th (4PM UTC) *(Limit 20 parcels per address)

Price per parcel: $100 USD equivalent in VET, VTHO, or PayPal.

Discounts: 15% off for VeChain X-Nodes, 5% off for Economic Nodes

Additional X-Node Bonus: Limited edition NFT and Vulcanite

Important notes: Users will be able to select their land on a map grid that updates in real-time. All land NFTs will be sent within 4 days of purchase. Users will be able to buy and sell their NFTs in the Vulcan marketplace as soon as the NFT is received.

A detailed guide is available here: LEARN MORE.

For more information as we lead up to the land sale, follow our Twitter and join the Telegram.