The VulcanVerse Economic Model


Vulcan is all-knowing and wise. He knows that to build a sustainably strong community of players, a comprehensive economic system is needed. He has designed a circular economy that creates real intrinsic value for its users and benefits from network effects. Unlike other NFT or gaming ecosystems that depend on speculative buying and the Greater Fool Theory to maintain market value, the VulcanVerse is the first gaming ecosystem that creates direct value to its primary stakeholders, the Land Owners.

How the tokenomics affect you will depend on the type of participant you are. In reality, there are four key roles at play:

  1. Primary builders: The VulcanForged core team
  2. Primary stakeholders: The Land Owners
  3. Secondary builders: Third-party developers, artists, and builders
  4. Primary users: Players in the game itself

Land owners

Landowners are the key stakeholders of VulcanVerse. They have free access to all the functionalities and gameplay available at their level and can reap exclusive benefits from their lands. They also control the VulcanDAO, which decides on the type of content allowed from the community (such as new assets in the marketplace), how disputes are resolved and governance.

As landowners you can:

  • Get NFTs from foraging, airdrops or special event prizes
  • Be rewarded with NFTs and Vulcanites from Vulcan himself (higher tiered players get more)
  • Sell and trade your Vulcanites, plots of land or NFTs in the marketplace
  • Integrate economic smart contracts into your land to create new value (e.g you could open a shop, advertising stand or museum to offer paid services or items)
  • Level up to unlock higher-ranked vulcanites and NFT assets and receive higher rewards from Vulcan Pits found
  • Sacrifice VTHO to the Vulcan gods to upgrade and maintain your land

The most important element of being a VulcanVerse land owner is that land is key to cultivating NFTs and Vulcanites that are vital elements of gameplay. Upgrading and maintaining the land has a fee, but it offers a route to better (rarer) NFTs and Vulcanites. Land owners will be the primary suppliers of Vulcanites and NFTs on the p2p market – any new players wishing to acquire higher ranked items will have to purchase these items directly from the land owners, or buy land themselves (also from the land owners). In this way, rather than being a vehicle for simply crowd-funding development of the game, land owners will be the key beneficiaries of growth and development. In the classic oil well comparison, each square of land is like an oil well, regularly producing the oil (NFTs and Vulcanites) for their owners through the act of foraging, upgrading, or in-game events.

In case you were wondering what a Vulcanite is, we invite you to check out the first batch, that will be distributed to the inaugural land owners from the land sale in less than a week:

Active Players

Vulcan is fair and knows that some people might want to experience the VulcanVerse without first having land. Users who do not own land can still explore Vulcan city, interact with other members and their creations, and participate in the side quests and games available throughout the VulcanVerse. However, since some in-world activities make use of NFTs or Vulcanites, if you do not own land, you will need to purchase the required NFTs or Vulcanites directly from landowners or other parties to unlock the extra gameplay functionalities. 

As a player you can:

  • Explore the world, customize your avatar and Vulcanites, interact with the buildings and in-game services, and play mini games available in the world
  • Use fiat and cryptocurrencies to buy or trade NFTs and Vulcanites to unlock more advanced gameplay features (e.g. some activities, such as the archery range, will require players to possess certain NFTs in order to participate)
  • Use the separate Vulcanite card game dApp
  • Use your Vulcanites in VulcanVerse (with basic functionalities for non-landowners)

Developers & dApp Builders

Vulcan has enslaved talented development teams, such as Spark Labs and ServReality. Vulcan will continue to use services like these long after the game is created, keeping a continued flow of new functionality, improvements, and designs. Community dApp builders who own land can also create new features, services and assets for his worshippers to enjoy. In-world creations can charge users for functionality and services, creating more value to the user. 

VulcanVerse’s circular economy is designed to grow with the community and ecosystem. The more engaged you become with the game, the more value you will be able to get from it.