Summary of VulcanVerse Landsale


Last week, VulcanVerse reached an important milestone: all 10,000 plots of land were sold in 3 days. The sale was a big success and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing support from you, the community.

As a sign of appreciation, we also announced the following giveaways during the landsale:


  • All first owners of land will receive a VV-OG VIP NFT Badge to prove their exclusive status. By holding the VV-OG badge, you will be able to access Vulcan-held VIP events and promotions. Land owners can also choose to offer discounts, promotions and giveaways for VV-OG badge holders.
  • 250 X-node buyers who participated in Day 1 of the landsale will receive a free level 4 Vulcanite as part of the “Additional X-Node Bonus”
  • All Day 2 and Day 3 buyers will receive a free Level 1-3 Vulcanite
  • 100 lucky landowners who participated on Day 3 (2nd October 2020) and own four plots in all four quadrants (attached to the same wallet) will receive 1 of 4 signed digital NFT prints by Jimi-X of the original vulcanites
  • 30 signed Gorillaz CDs of the entire VV soundtrack will be up for grabs in the coming weeks (conditions TBA)
VulcanVerse is a project created by the community for the community and we are thrilled to see the tremendous interest for the game. This is just the beginning so stay tuned for our coming releases.

“Dear Vulcanites, Mortals, Puny Humans,


I’d like to thank you for your trust in Vulcan (The God of Fire and Forging AND the company) in choosing to be part of his new Olympus.


Vulcan Forged has gone from a small digital art NFT site (VeriArti) to now housing 7 dApps, a copyright engine and NFT game/dApp maker. And now we are adding this incredible virtual world.


We’ve got this far on our own backs, but we have a lot of ambitions that we and our partners are determined to fulfill. Over the next few months, we are going to have our heads down as we create a fantasy world that is unparalleled in the blockchain gaming space. We won’t let the community down and will continue to be the biggest NFT engine and dApp maker on Vechain.


Stay positive, excited and may the FIRE be with you!! ”


Jamie Thomson, CEO of Vulcan Forged 

So… What’s next? Here are some answers to what you can expect in the coming months.

When will I receive my land and NFTs?
All plots of land, Vulcanites and VV0-OG VIP Badges from the landsale will be sent by 7th October 2020.
When can I start trading my land and Vulcanites?
You can trade your NFTs in the Vulcan Marketplace as soon as you receive them. Make sure you sync your VeChain Sync desktop wallet or VeChainThor mobile wallet when visiting the marketplace.
When can I start building on my land?
If you are familiar with 3D modelling software such as Blender, you can start designing your buildings now. Otherwise, it you will be able to start using our drag and drop builder as soon as this December, when the Beta application is released. Please note that assets created using 3rd party software will need to be approved by the VulcanDAO before being uploaded into the world.
When will I be able to use my Vulcanites and explore VulcanVerse?
We’ll be releasing the Vulcanite dApp this October, when you will be able store, read about, level up and battle your Vulcanites. The VulcanVerse virtual world will be released as a Beta in December.
Can I play VulcanVerse in both Mac and Windows?
Yes, the VulcanVerse application will be supported by both Mac and Windows.