Building the VulcanVerse

Less than one week is left before the land sale, where the first fully buildable fantasy world on the blockchain will be divided up and sold to users around the world. The VulcanVerse development teams are steadily making progress, getting the world ready for its intended Q4 launch date (Beta Version). In this article, we take a look behind the scenes at how the world is being put together, piece by piece.

With the limited release of our basic builder sandbox, users got their first taste of how the VulcanVerse might function. The first participants had to earn their entry by answering a question about the inhabitants of Vulcan City. For those not paying attention, the city will be inhabited by Gold Automatrons,

Most of Vulcan City is run by the Kourai Khryseai, extra-ordinary beings, automatons crafted to look like humans by Vulcan himself, but made entirely of gold, and yet possessed of high intelligence and reason, as well as great beauty. These exquisite mechanical marvels run the VulcanVerse on behalf of the God.

Around and about the City wandering groups of Keledones, golden automaton maidens, sing and dance for the entertainment of gods and mortals. They’re otherworldly voices fill the air with a strange enchantment.”

Once the community got involved, it was game on. Only a few days in, we’ve already seen some gems like the one pictured below:

A few days later, the desert sandbox was also released. Once again, the community stepped up and pushed out some amazing content:

ServReality – Building the framework

So how did all this come together? First of all, the VulcanVerse is partnered with a company called ServReality, a team that specializes in VR/AR and game development and boasts a list of clients that includes Volkswagen and Leica. For them, creating a vibrant 3D world isn’t overly challenging, but did require a series of lengthy sessions to make sure that the vision of the developers was aligned with that of the VulcanVerse.

We are using voxel-based terrain to give users the ability to change it. It has chunks 10×10 in size by now. The land size by now is 300×300, it will be a bit of a challenge to increase it even more, but nothing serious. As an engine, we are using Unity3d, and as a programming language we are using C#. We are going to give users the ability to build using parts, some parts will have sockets, such as parts of structures, to make it easy to build larger buildings. Some will have a “free build” mode.  – ServReality, on the creation of the sandbox

One of the benefits of working with Unity is having access to the Unity Asset Store. With worlds like this, creating every tree branch, blade of grass, and cloud in the sky would be a major waste of time and resources. The Unity Asset Store is a great way to jumpstart development by stocking the world full of 2D, 3D, or audio assets so that you can focus on the core parts of the game. Some of the assets we used in our early trailers were purchased from the Unity Asset Store – more custom designs, such as Vulcanites, landmarks, and other assets that make the world unique will be hand created by our talented artists. Let’s take a look at that now:

Spark Labs – Building the defining features of the VulcanVerse

Top UK VR, CGI and AR agency Spark Labs was brought onboard for some of the trickier elements of design, namely the various parts of the world that will be used for neutral spaces, like Vulcan City and the landmarks that are placed around the map to give life to the world. All their designs are original and include important land features such as:

  • Vulcan City
  • the Deep Forest
  • the River of Arcadia
  • the Plains of Howling Darkness
  • the Summer Palace
  • the Druid’s Shrine
  • the Wineries of the Nectar of the Gods
  • the Woodlands of Ambrosia
  • the Shrine to Tethis
  • the Pyramid Mausoleum
  • the Slime Swamp
  • the River Styx
  • the Necropolis
  • the Palace of the Dead
  • the River Archeron
  • the River Hades
  • the Entrance to the Minotaur Labyrinth
  • the Harpies Nest
  • the Fortress of the Wind
  • the Great Sinkhole
  • the Lair of the Cyclops

We can’t wait to share these design concepts with you as they begin to take shape. This process should kick off with a 3-person team of 3D artists dedicated to finishing the assets in sprints over an 8 week period starting on October first. Later on, the team will assist with Unity3D delivery and support on integration. The Head of 3D & Creative Lead will provide art direction, making sure the designs are impeccable from concept to final delivery.

“We are making the design of high-fidelity full final hi-res 3D content in Unity3D. Our expert team will create 3D assets based on the approved wireframes, storyboards, mock-ups and animatics (where appropriate) that are intuitive, engaging and visually appealing, delivering assets that are ideal creatively and technically.” Spark Labs, on the creation of the landmarks

Horos Interactive – sculpting the inhabitants of the VulcanVerse

The VulcanVerse wouldn’t be complete without the Vulcanites – designed by a team including 3D artist Jimi X. Jimi is an accomplished artist who has already begun creating some masterpieces. These Vulcanites will be a personal pet of the user, foraging, fighting, and spying for them. The 3D modeling is done in a program called Z-Brush, giving the designer total control over these fully-original designs. Once the modeling is done, they are then rigged with animation controls, bringing the models to life. Finally, the Vulcan Forged engine immortalizes these creations on the blockchain, as the designs are made into NFTs so they can be distributed to landowners.

All these teams are being led by the veteran game designer Giannis Kastritis, who appeared on the Vetcast earlier this week. Giannis and his team will be implementing the game play and application UI. Their team single-handedly made other games, such as SCAR, which is available on Steam. For more details, get the latest on how things are coming together, straight from Giannis himself:

These three teams working together have the potential to make the VulcanVerse something incredibly special in the world of blockchain gaming. The best looking NFTs, with the most customizable land, and stunning 3D landmarks. Add that with the award-winning game authors and a powerful blockchain infrastructure, what’s not to like?

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