Ten Ways to Make Earthly Coin in the VulcanVerse

A look at the more alternative yet awesome things you can do in our virtual world.

Later this week, we will be releasing an in-depth look at the economic model of the VulcanVerse, and how the different roles create a circular economy where everyone benefits.

1 Land Flipping

Vulcan is wise. He knows mortals will try to take advantage of his land immediately by selling it for more. But be patient mortals. There is a cost and a grace period between leveling your land. For those that turn their land from a barren patch to a Level 7 fantasy scape, with access to a landmark, road or near the palace, your earthly wallets will be heavy.

2 Land Leveling

Other than the above reasons of making your land more valuable to sell (if you’d make such an unwise decision), leveling your land will provide you access to:

  • higher-level Vulcanites that can forage more treasure;
  • higher-level access to NFT assets that you can sell on;
  • higher rewards on Vulcan Pits found;
  • more ability to integrate economic smart contracts and a higher reward on Vulcanite Berserk days.

3 Creativity

Vulcan is fond of the creatives, it is his purpose to oversee the creation of this world. So he is allowing mortals to conjure up their own NFT assets. These will be limited to building assets, avatar accessories and Vulcanite accessories (Vulcan wants full control of the beasts he spawns). We will provide a basic tech guide on how to create your own assets BUT they must match the quadrant topography, be matched to an appropriate level, and most importantly be voted in by the VulcanVerse DAO. If you succeed, you can name your price and editions and keep full profits minus the standard marketplace fee.

4 Economics

There will be a starter pack of smart contract templates for a certain level of land owner. These will initially be NFT sales and admission fees. In Q1 we release a full SDK on integrating your own tokenomics and smart contracts but the above should be enough for you to sculpt a hedge maze and charge admission, or be an NFT or Vulcanite supplier from your land, or sell anything really, as long as it’s an NFT, it is your choice.

5 Vulcanites

The right Vulcanites at the right level, can be incredibly rewarding. Two of their starter abilities in Q4 will be forage and espionage. The former depends on their level and subsequent foraging ability. The higher it is, the more accuracy and range they have to go out foraging. Vulcan is always dropping piles of assets around the land to be found. Have a couple of high-level forrating vulcanites? Send them out, reap the rewards. Oh and again, if you are so unwise, you could always sell your creatures to another lucky owner.

6 Berserk

Whenever Vulcan is feeling bored, he will announce a Vulcanite Berserk Day. At this point, every Vulcanite in-game will be set to battle mode and wander to find a Vulcanite from another quadrant to battle with. The fights will ensue until only one Quadrant’s Vulcanites are standing. The winning quadrant will receive a vast amount of treasure from Vulcan in the form of tokens and NFTs. IF you have a higher level land, your % will be higher than others, something to keep in mind.

7 Services

Some mortals are lazy and don’t want to take up Vulcan’s offerings of incredible tools and assets and use them well. If you are one of the creative and chosen ones, you can offer your services in an official freelance section on our website to provide building and design services. This also applies to smart contract development and asset creation. And you don’t even need to own land to benefit from it.

8 Vulcan Pits

Vulcan is generous. Or clumsy. He scatters around his gold in the form of VTHO and NFT assets and Vulcanites. These can be found by a Vulcanite with the appropriate foraging abilities. You are then provided the opportunity to either sell your assets or VTHO, or do the right thing and sacrifice it to the Gods in order to upgrade your land.

9 Trading

Within the game, you will have access to the Vulcan Marketplace, you won’t need to leave the app. If you’re one gifted with an eye for demand and numbers, there is nothing stopping you from using the platform to create trading strategies with Vulcanites, assets and land. Dedicate your soon-to-be-wasted mortal time to foraging and getting cheap items only to sell on at a higher price.¬†Questing and gameplay

10 Questing and gameplay

As Vulcan builds his world, he will add new features to the rich world of landmarks and public areas that are spread around the world. Users who perfect the art of gameplay will surely find their efforts to be rewarded by good fortune. These features will be added in the first quarter of 2021.

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